The Challinger School

(No longer needed, as these guys are 21 and 25 now!)

We homeschool our children, Michael and Jonathan . The Challinger School has been registered with the State of California under a Private School Affidavit since 1993. We believe in allowing the children to learn at their own rate, and that our job is to provide them with the tools and opportunities for learning. A primary focus of the Challinger School curriculum is on learning to learn - how does one seek knowledge on a subject? There is a required core curriculum that covers the basics and leaves ample time for each child to pursue anything that interests them. We also believe in having fun!

Michael has participated in the programs offered by the Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY)at Stanford University. We have found this program to be a great resource for Math. A few years ago, Michael won the fifth grade county math championship sponsored by the Santa Cruz County Office of Education! He has also participated in the Center for Talented Youth (CTY) programs offered by Johns Hopkins University. We have been especially impressed with their writing tutorials.

Recently, Michael has been getting into computers, and especially web page design.

Check out his stuff!

Jonathan is the budding scientist of the family. He has more questions (and explanations) than anyone we've ever known!

We give him all the hands-on stuff we can.

We make sure to allow plenty of time for cuddling kittens,

and making music.

Jonathan loves to build things too.

The kittens appreciate this about him!

We try never to interrupt a kid who is reading,

and Jonathan likes to get comfortable when he reads!

Exploring the world of nature is the most fun of all.

Judy Challinger, Director

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